Q. Where is Humanmade located?

We are located on the 4th floor of the Manufacturing Foundry at 150 Hooper St. in San Francisco’s Design District.

Q. What are your hours of operation?

Humanmade is open 7 days a week from 9AM-11PM.

Holiday Schedule
We are closed for the following holidays:

  • New Year's Eve: Close at 5PM

  • New Year’s Day: Closed

  • Easter Sunday: Closed

  • Memorial Day: Closed

  • Fourth of July: Closed

  • Labor Day: Closed

  • Thanksgiving Eve: Close at 5PM

  • Thanksgiving: Closed

  • Christmas Eve: Close at 5PM

  • Christmas: Closed

Q. What are check-offs with presale access plans?

ONLY Presale plans allow users who have previously taken and passed a TechShop SBU to be eligible to schedule corresponding machine check-offs within the first 60 days of Humanmade’s opening (proof of TechShop SBU via an email or receipt is required). Check-offs are scheduled, quick one-on-one sessions where the user must show they can safely operate a machine, or set of machines, on their own. If a user passes the check-off they can use the equipment without being required to take a Humanmade class. A user is only eligible for a check-off once per machine(s), if the user fails the check-off they may not schedule another check-off. ONLY Presale plans are eligible for check-offs, and Presale plans are only available for a limited time prior to the Humanmade Grand Opening. Our standard access plans will NOT offer check-offs. Certain restrictions apply to check-offs and are subject to change at any time; Tormach, welding, wood lathe, and metal lathe are not eligible for check-offs.

Q. Do you run tours?

Yes! Humanmade hosts tours for individuals interested in joining (no more than 5 individuals per tour) on Mondays from 3-6PM, Thursdays from 9AM-12PM, and Sunday from 12PM-6PM. If you would like to schedule a tour for your group, email events@humanmade.org to set up a visit to Humanmade.

Q. What equipment does Humanmade offer?

A list of our equipment can be found here

Q. Are children allowed at Humanmade?

Children and young adults 12 through 17 years of age are welcome to work on projects with you at Humanmade ONLY IF they have been added-on to your account. (See member services for details). All children must be under the direct supervision of their parent or guardian while on premises. Children less than 12 years of age are NOT permitted on-site except for the following activities: certain special events, age appropriate kid’s sessions or adult supervised tours.

Q. Can I bring my pet with me to work?

150 Hooper and all of its tenant (including Humanmade!) have a strict NO PETS policy. Service animals are permitted on-site. We strongly suggest for your service animals health and well being that you put a good deal of thought and consideration into deciding which areas of the workshop to enter with your animal. Some areas are prone to loud/high pitch noises, sharp metal/wood debris, sparks, molten/hot metal, UV light exposure that could cause retina damage, projectiles of various sizes, and irritating dust/noxious fumes.

Please note
- All service animals must be tethered to their owner at all times.
- Our outdoor campus areas have a strict leash-only policy for animals on premises.
- The campus courtyard is not an area for animals to relieve themselves in, please exit the campus grounds with your service animal for their relief breaks.

Q. I have a great idea for a cannabis growing company, can I test it out at Humanmade?

Yes, we do support the invention of new hardware products and packaging for cannabis. However, although the state of California has approved legislation to legalize recreational use of marijuana by people at or over the age of 21, the Manufacturing Foundry is a federally subsidized building must abide by federal law. Therefore cannabis-related delivery devices and packages are welcome at Humanmade, but the use, sale, manufacturing, distribution, or possession of cannabis on site is strictly prohibited.

Q. Can I host a happy hour at Humanmade?

We have a wide variety of event offerings for you to share the fun of making with your guests. Email events@humanmade.org to select the perfect activity for you! In general, alcohol is not permitted on site for events without prior written consent from the leadership team.  You can find more information on our events here.

Q. Do you have parking?

Humanmade does not have onsite parking. Loading and unloading can be done by pulling up to the breezeway gate on Channel street. There is a public lot located across the street at CCA. Best Parking and ParkMe are great resources to find more available lots nearby. We are surrounded by free street parking (mostly 4-hour with some 2-hour sections), as well as metered street parking.
Humanmade does not have bike storage or parking inside our facility, please be sure to secure your bike downstairs in the lobby if a spot is available or at one of the bike racks in the courtyard and surrounding area. Though we do have security on our campus please note Humanmade, 100 Hooper and 150 Hooper are not responsible for any lost or stolen items including bikes.
There is also a Ford GoBike station about a block away, check out the Ford GoBike map to find bike stations near you and Humanmade.
Another great option is Caltrain, Bart and Muni, with several bus stops nearby!

Q. Do you sell supplies?

We will have a small stock of acrylic and basic adhesives. Arch Supply is located next door (at the end of Channel street) and carries a wide range of supplies. 

Q. Do I have to take a training session before using a machine?

Yes, for the safety of yourself and those working around you, Humanmade requires everyone to take a Fundamental Safety Operation course on each machine before use. You can find the upcoming class schedule here.

Q. Can I take a class before I have active user access?

Yes! Training sessions are open to anyone 18 years or older and most training sessions are open to children as young as 12 years of age when taken with a parent.

Q. Can I bring a friend to work with me on a project?

Each active community member will receive 1 guest day pass per month. However, guest members are not allowed to operate any equipment even if they have taken and passed a class. Additional guest day passes can be purchased at Member Services for $15 for adults and $10 for children. Guest passes may only be purchased when actively working with a current community member, and the guest must be with the active community member for the duration of their stay. Guest day passes are not available for purchase without an accompanying community member who has an active access plan.


We have storage lockers available for active community members for $60/month. Lockers are 12” x 12” x 36” and come with a combo lock - you may also choose your own set of numbers for the combo lock.

If you are looking for a larger area, we offer private dedicated desks available! Each desk includes 16 sqft of benchtop workspace, dedicated power (2 US Plugs & 2 USB ports), and a work stool. Community members can also utilize the space below their dedicated table for 32 additional sqft of storage space. Create your own workspace away from work while being part of the Humanmade community. Dedicated desks are $400/month and available to any active Humanmade community member. Tops of desks must be maintained with a clean appearance. Community members are required to provide secure storage containers appropriate for their work. 

We will also be offering overnight storage! Humanmade’s overnight storage is for projects that are being actively worked on in the space for $25/night. This allows you to leave your active project glued up and in place while you complete your work. All projects utilize the overnight storage policy MUST be worked on daily. If you were to miss a day we would charge a $25 penalty in addition to the $25/night storage. In the event that a project has not been worked on for 3 consecutive days, it will be removed and the community member is responsible for any fees associated with its removal. Humanmade’s goal is not to limit the size of projects that community members can create in the space, while at the same time maximizing every square foot of what we have to support all of our users. 

Q. Can I have items shipped directly to Humanmade for my projects?

Small items may be shipped to Humanmade if you are actively onsite for the delivery.  If you are not onsite to accept your delivery (regardless of size/shape/weight), Humanmade reserves the right to charge a delivery handling fee of $20.00. Packages not picked up that day will be charged $25.00 for overnight storage and may be returned to sender if not picked up within 24 hours of delivery, unless prior written agreement between member and management has been made.

Oversized (large, oversized and/or heavy) items may be shipped to Humanmade if you are actively onsite for the delivery. If you are not onsite to accept your delivery, Humanmade may refuse the delivery. Humanmade does not have a storage area dedicated for oversized items, any delivery item that is not easily carried by hand is considered to fall into the oversized category. If you are unsure as to whether or not your delivery will be considered oversized please be sure to be onsite to receive yourself, unless prior service charge and written agreement between member and management has been made.

Although Humanmade encourages our community to ship materials directly to the shop, please understand there is a limited amount of storage which allows for deliveries. Humanmade assumes no responsibility for small or oversized items delivered, and reserves the right to refuse to sign for any deliveries.


Community members may access the Channel Street entrance gates, lobby and lobby restrooms. Humanmade is located on the fourth floor, where individuals may access the main coworking space, woodshop room, metal shop room, kitchen, and restrooms. Please refrain from accessing the flex and classroom spaces as these are typically reserved for workshops, classes and events. The Humanmade office is not an open-access room, and entrance to this office is on an invite only basis for privacy and security reasons. Absolutely no individual is to access the 150 Hooper Street rooftop, this is terms for immediate user plan termination and may result in temporary to permanent suspension from Humanmade.  No individual is to access 150 Hooper Street building floor levels 2 or 3, nor access any part of 100 Hooper Street - all of which may result in user plan termination and may result in temporary to permanent suspension from Humanmade.


No company or individual may use Humanmade's address (150 Hooper Street, Unit 400, San Francisco, CA 94107) or any variation of said address as their business address.


Our FAQ page may answer many questions you may have in regards to policies at Humanmade. For more information, you can find our Privacy and Terms of Service in the footer navigation of our website. Follow this link to our Non-Discrimination Policy, and our User Terms, Conditions and Policies are presented upon purchase. If you have any issues finding information or policies, please email info@humanmade.org. All of our policies will be available in hard copy form by inquiring at our Member Services desk.