Class Cancellation and Refund Policy

Training refunds can be provided if you cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the training.

To cancel out of a class please stop by Member Services in person or by phone. Messages left for cancellation may not be received before the 24 hour window, it is the users responsibility to receive confirmation of cancellation.

Any cancellations outside of our cancellation policy are not eligible for refund.

Arrive On Time

Please arrive to class on time as there are no late entries into class once it has begun.  It is disruptive for the class and for the other students if an individual joins late.  If you are running a few minutes late, you may call the front desk - we may be able to accommodate only under special circumstances.


Humanmade is an active shop - please wear proper attire when on site.  Here are our dress code policies:

- Safety glasses are mandatory when in our woodshop, metal shop and any area in our main workspace with activity warranting eye protection.  Safety glasses are available to borrow on site.

- Always wear closed toed shoes.  Activities all areas of the shop may pose a risk (such as soldering, casting, etc). There is absolutely no entry into the woodshop and metal shop rooms without closed toed shoes.

- Long sleeved shirts and pants are mandatory when working in or near areas involving high temperatures (welding, casting, etc), and must be made of natural fibers and/or leather to prevent clothing that could melt onto the skin.

- Long hair must be secured back and short sleeves are required when using power and/or rotary tools.  Long/dangling jewelry and tech must be removed.

If an individual arrives to class without proper attire, entry into class may be prohibited.  If you have any questions about our dress code, please contact our Member Services team for clarification.


All students are expected to pay attention and participate in class.  Please silence your phone and refrain from using any tech during class out of respect for fellow students and instructor.  Any individual who is not actively engaged or is distracting to others may be failed and/or asked to leave.