Training Session Schedules


Humanmade will offer multiple types of the fundamental and advanced maker-based machine training sessions you know and love. Our wide range of training selections includes three distinct pathways, so it’s easy to understand what you’re looking for. These pathways include Fundamental Safety and Operations sessions (FSOs), Advanced Operation and Skills sessions (AOSs), and our exciting and engaging Workshops designed to allow individuals to take a break and come together to collaborate, and have fun while honing their creative skills.

Introductory Training Sessions

Fundamental Safety and Operations sessions (FSOs) - FSO's which are usually between 1-3 hours, will focus on teaching the fundamental basics of an individual machine or area of the shop, including how to safely power a machine on and off, basic safety and operations. Our introductory fundamental training sessions are designed to get individuals checked off and cleared to start safely using the tools the same day. Before a member may reserve time on any machine, they must be checked off on an FSO. Examples of upcoming FSO’s below.

  • Woodshop

    Metal Shop

    CNC Router - Shopbot

    MIG & TIG Welding

    CNC Mill - Tormach

    3D Printing

  • Textiles

    Jointer, Planer, Router



    Metal Lathe

    Manual Mill

  • Hard Tool Basics

    Laser Rotary

    Laser Cutting & Engraving

    MIG & TIG Welding

    Vacuum Forming

Advanced Training Sessions

Advanced Operation and Skills sessions (AOS's) are more advanced follow-up sessions to FSO's that were created to take a deeper dive into technologies and techniques required to master a machine truly. Humanmade wants to provide you with a better foundation to launch your career or business, so our AOS's sessions will also cover skill-based or “How To” classes like the Design Process, Sketching, Model Making, Business Basics, Social Media Basics, Building a Brand, and Photographing Your Work. Our AOS's sessions can take anywhere from 2-6 hours and may have multiple sessions depending on the tool or subject.

Humanmade Workshops and Make and Take Workshops

Our "Workshops" ,or project-based sessions, are devised to be a break from the more regimented, skill-based training sessions and are ideal for a fun, hands-on learning experience. Workshop offerings will be for individuals of all ages and skill sets, and will focus on creative collaboration and making for fun.

The Humanmade Commitment

All of Humanmade’s offerings will be created and taught by a combination of experienced onsite staff, industry professionals, and expert volunteers. Humanmade is committed to bringing the best maker-based training in the industry, and we will continue to refine our training programs to meet industry standards, while collaborating to design new and interesting training sessions and workshops for our community.